Residential Services:

Licensing:  Dale House is licensed as a Residential Child Care Facility by the State of Colorado for   20 youth, ages 16-21. Because our program focuses on independent living, the primary age we serve is ages 17-19.  

One-on-One Mentoring: Staff help our young  people to assess their needs and strengths and set realistic goals. Residents are held accountable for using their time productively in a school and/or work setting and achieving specific goals.

Dale House Urban Garden (DHUG): The DHUG offers residents vocational training focused around community recycling, contract work and garden work. Residents gain work experience and temporary income while looking for full time employment.

Education: The Dale House provides an academic curriculum to meet the individual needs of our residents, whether upgrading skills to pass the GED, gaining  assistance in completing a high school diploma, or assistance in course studies at the local community college or trade school.

Independent Living Preparation: Residents  complete 12 packets which covers life skills such as budgeting, banking, shopping, menu planning, cooking, etc. Our Educational/Vocational Coordinator also facilitates psycho-educational groups which concentrate on emancipation and interpersonal skills.

Transitional Living Apartments: As residents progress and meet their individual goals, they move into transitional living apartments. Two apartments are designed to provide practical experience for the skills taught in the packets and groups. Developing these skills becomes the final step toward the resident’s goal of independent living.

Outreach and Aftercare: Our Transition Specialist provides direction, support and assistance to DYS youth before, during, and after placement at the Dale House. In addition, Team Leaders plan weekly activities to promote community and provide continued support. On Wednesday evenings, former residents and friends are welcomed to join us for a meal and a community-building activity. This group also gathers on Sunday evenings for fellowship and refreshments. Staff give practical talks based on the Christian faith to encourage self-examination of life direction and attitudes.


Non-Residential Services:

Supportive Housing: The Dale House Supportive Housing program provides a home for former residents on parole with the Department of Youth Services. The goal of Supportive Housing is to give participants the opportunity to save money and learn additional independent living skills as they transition to living completely on their own. During this time, youth also have the support of the entire Dale House community. 

Community Transition Support: This service is a three part program that helps youth as they transition to different phases during their time with the Department of Youth Services. Community Transition provides support to youth that are in locked facilities transitioning to the Dale House or into the community. It also provides additional support to youth that are currently living at the Dale House and transitioning to Supportive Housing or into the community. Finally, this program provides support to current residents at the Dale House who need help maintaining and stabilizing to remain in the community and not regress back to a secure placement facility.